Our Heart Is Now Black


As you may have seen on our social media pages it has been a week of big decisions and it is with a heavy heart we are saying goodbye to our old friend Guinness.

But, as one door closes another opens and we are delighted to welcome the amazing Black Heart from Brewdog to The Star & Garter!

With Diageo now believing Guinness to be a “Super Premium Brand”, we have decided enough is enough. Pushing the price of a pint towards £7.50 is crazy but that’s what their arrogance is doing. Having been a lifelong Guinness drinker and kept an excellent pint wherever Jim has served it he is sorry to say “no more”. New abv laws don’t affect Guinness but yet they think it’s ok to increase their price, for a third time this year, and by another 14%? Hopefully other publicans will make a stand too for the sake of our customers throughout the country.

Our alternative as of this week is Brewdog’s Black Heart.

Another delicious, creamy beer this is one not to be scoffed at. so with that in mind, we looking forward to welcoming you with a pint of our new delicious 21st century stout!